Project MARƎ

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The Goal of MARƎ  

The main goal of project MARƎ  is the valorization of hydrocarbon based sludge destined to the production of additives for marine remediation and biomass for energetic purposes, by means of specific biotechnological processes.

The sludge is a hazardous waste for disposal, obtained as a by-product of the refining of hydrocarbon rich-wastewater derived by recovered oil spillage. The project aims at developing a multi-stage treatment process for the production of an innovative product to be used in marine remediation of oil spills. Such a product, obtained from fatty acids produced by microalgae, will be capable of gelling oil spillage, to facilitate and maximize its recovery.


MARƎ project is presented under MANUNET transnational call 2011 programme and funded under the regional programs MANUNET 2011 – Linea 1.5b POR CReO for Tuscany and Ajuts per incentivar la participació d'agents catalans a les convocatòries ERANET dels projectes Eurotransbio i Manunet (RDNET) for Cataluña.




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